Quick Tips: 4T Silencer Protector


[infobox maintitle=”4T Silencer Protector” subtitle=”For your own bike’s original exhaust or for a brand new performance silencer, the ultimate reality is that you don’t want a damaged one! There is an easy and practical solution! And it looks cool!” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]

[tabgroup layout=”vertical”]

[tab title=”What u need”]

  • Silicone Hose
  • TieZip  (short and thin ones can be connected or a thick and big one will help)
  • A more powerful alternative to TieZip could be a big size inoxydable hose clip.[/tab]

[tab title=”What to do”]

  • Connect Tie-zips to each other and tie them trough the hose in opposite directions, to make them more powerful)
  • Enwrap the Silicon hose around the Silencer and tighten Tie-zips.[/tab]