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AMA National Enduro: Grant Baylor Tops At Muddobbers National Enduro

The Baylor brothers, Grant and Steward, dominated this weekend’s Muddobbers National Enduro in Matthews, Indiana, accounting for all six test wins, with FactoryONE Sherco’s Grant Baylor winning the first four tests, while Steward topped the final two tests on his Am Pro Yamaha.

After six tests and over 60 miles of racing, Grant took the overall win by 41.834 seconds ahead of Steward, as the brothers landed on the podium together for the third time in 2020.

Grant came into the race tied with FMF/KTM’s Josh Toth in the series standings, however, with the win, the South Carolina rider moved into sole possession of first place in the standings with just two rounds remaining.

“I had a good bit of confidence coming into this race just because in the past I’ve always done really well here, so I think that helped out,” said Grant. “I kind of built a gap in the first test, twenty-something seconds; and after that I kind of just tried to manage the race and put in good tests. Steward was right there nipping on my heels all day and I think we were within the same second in a couple tests, just super close, but it was that first couple tests that made the difference early on.”

Steward, a four-time National Enduro Champion, came on strong at the finish but it was just too late to catch little brother.

“Grant has always been strong here,” said Steward. “I think I’ve only won this race one time in ten years. It’s one of my favorite tracks but I just can’t seem to put it together. But hats off to him. He rode flawless all day. It was everything I had in that last test. I was like, I definitely crushed him, but then we came in like two tenths apart. I got the edge on him in the last two, but it was absolutely everything I could. It was a good day for points. It’s putting me back closer to where I want to be.”

Thad DuVall made his return to racing after sitting out the past seven months due to injury, and the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider surprised himself and others with a solid third-place finish.

“I was still pretty timid with my knee and still don’t have a lot of time on the bike,” said DuVall. “I just started out the day with a fourth in the first test and just kind of got better as the day went on. I Just got more comfortable on the bike as the day progressed. I’m super excited to be back. I don’t think I’ve been that nervous for a race in a couple years. I felt like I was going to puke before I even started. So, to have that jitters again, it’s fun. I really enjoy it.”


1. Grant Baylor (Shr)

2. Steward Baylor (Yam)

3. Thad DuVall (Hsq)

4. Ryder Lafferty (Hsq)

5. Ben Kelley (KTM)

6. Josh Toth (KTM)

7. Thorn Devlin (Bet)

8. Craig DeLong (Hsq)

9. Cody Barnes (Bet)

10. Mike McGinnis (KTM)