Bolt’s Challenge Hard Enduro

May 1st was historic for the Brazilian Hard Enduro with the premiere of the national championship. The British rider Paul Bolton endorsed this race and the track had very difficult stages that demanded technique and ability from all the participants. This first race has put the Brazilian riders and tracks at the same level as the other international races. Well known riders have participated as the Spanish racer Jordi Picola and the British Paul Bolton.

Categories: Gold, Silver, Bronze, National ( Moorcycles produced in Brazil)

1º – Bruno Crivilin
2º – Rigor Rico
3º – Ripi Galileu

1º – Rômulo Bottrel
2º – Ronald Santi
3º – Patrik Capila

1º – Ricardo Campagnole
2º – Tirso Camargo
3º – Marcelo Barbosa

1º – Paulo Rogério Cruz
2º – Benedito Coser
3º – Pedro Lucas Rocha