2018 CRF250R


2018 HONDA CRF250R


Model updates: Honda’s CRF250R gets a brand new DOHC engine, making 9% more peak power over a much broader rev range with higher redline; it also features electric start as standard. The 18YM CRF250R also shares its complete mass-centralised chassis with the CRF450R, including steel-sprung 49mm Showa USD front fork.

2018 CRF250R

When it comes to competition it doesn’t get much tighter, or more committed than the MX2 class. And Honda’s CRF250R has consistently proved a worthy weapon for battle. It is a machine that has evolved over time, through increments and steps, into a base platform that the amateur MX enthusiast – as well as pro-racer – can get the most out of.

But the game moves fast and the 18YM CRF250R is making a giant leap, inheriting the Absolute Holeshot philosophy of the 2017 CRF450R. With its seventh generation frame, revised geometry and Showa suspension, evolution has been firmly replaced by revolution and it’s now armed with the exact same chassis as its CRF450R sibling plus a brand new DOHC engine.

Why? Top racers always want – and crucially can use – more power and the new CRF250R is designed purely around what Honda’s moto-cross racers require to do their job.

Of course with its switchable engine mapping and rider-focused ergonomics it’s still a moto-crosser that the hobby rider can exploit to their individual level of ability. But the 18YM CRF250R’s performance parameters, in terms of output and handling ability, have been elevated with only one aim in mind. To put a winning machine into the hands of those that can win.

Mr Mikio Uchiyama, Large Project Leader (LPL) 18YM CRF250R:

“Our new CRF250R has been redesigned to achieve outstanding hole shot start acceleration AND much greater engine performance over a lap. We have replaced the Unicam power unit with a brand new DOHC engine that revs so much harder, and higher. It’s matched with our CRF450R chassis that improves handling and rear wheel grip. Developed with direct input from HRC to be the complete package, the 18YM CRF250R is a competitive, durable and formidable race machine.”


2018 CRF250R


The 18YM CRF250R leaves the 17YM CRF250R in its roost with a kW/Kg improvement of 5%. In a wheel-to-wheel test the new CRF250R is 3% faster from 0-10m and 3.6% quicker over 30m. That’s close to half a bike length, and a full bike length respectively.

2018 CRF250R


Its DOHC engine, with over-square bore and stroke, bigger valves and revised inlet/exhaust setup makes a hefty 9% more power up top, for far longer, with extended over-rev and higher redline. Out of the gate, and lap after lap, the 18YM CRF250R is built to pull out an advantage and cut lap times.

2018 CRF250R Engine


And the 18YM CRF250R’s new fully mass-centralised chassis – identical to the current 18YM CRF450R – can put the extra power to effective use, its geometry and lower centre of gravity driving the rear tyre into the ground harder. The new CRF250R also employs the same Showa 49mm steel-sprung front fork as the CRF450R offering familiar (and extensive) levels of adjustability.

2018 CRF250R Chassis


Like the CRF450R, the CRF250R’s plastics outline neat aerodynamics and a smooth, organic shape giving the rider ample freedom to move. They also feature scratch-resistant film insert graphics, which deliver sharp visuals and a durable finish.

2018 CRF250R


Like the 2018 CRF450R, the new CRF250R is fitted with an electric starter as standard equipment.

2018 CRF250R Electric Start