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Grinduro | Cole Kirkpatrick



A two-day guided ride near Post, Texas benefitting the Kurt Caselli Foundation. For more information on the event please visit kirkpatrickracing.com

Guided rides, what to expect:

Groups will be split among guides, there will be a novice friendly group for those that are interested.  All groups will ride a 35 mile loop that will consist of flowing cedar sections, river beds, canyons, bulldozer cuts, and more! The novice group will shortcut around areas depending on how the group is doing.  Cole Kirkpatrick, Russell Bobbitt, Steve Leivan, Cameron Kirkpatrick, and Richard Kirkpatrick will be available as guides.  Guides will alternate so that everyone can ride with a different guide before the weekend is over.

Extreme ride, what to expect:

The extreme ride will feature the most challenging terrain that we have to offer.  You can expect hill climbs, big descents, and very technical river beds littered with rocks.  If you like challenging yourself, this is for you.  Guides will be there to help anyone through obstacles that may need it.  This ride will make dinner and the beers around the campfire taste that much better!  The extreme ride is much more about technical riding than it is going fast.  Most sections will be second gear only but your heart rate will be up!

Night ride, what to expect:

Very casual, slow paced ride for those that have headlights or helmet lights

Games, what to expect:

The guides will demo each event and winner will receive a trophy at the podium presentation.  We will have a speaker so that Cole or any of the other guides can provide play-by-play commentary of the games. The games will take place by camp and will be easy to see for guests that aren’t riding

for more details: http://cole-kirkpatrick-d9vn.squarespace.com/grinduro/