Polisport Ignition Covers

POLISPORT Performance Plastics – Ignition Covers

The Polisport Ignition Cover Protector is the easy solution to an age old issue; wearing out the ignition cover. Rocks, roots, ruts, and rubbing of the boots or shifter plague the ignition case with scuffs and scratches. This plastic guard excels in rocky terrains and protects your ignition cover from impacts and scratches. It also preserves the looks of the ignition cover, giving your ride a stylish accessory while also aiding in resale value.
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  • Abrasion & Impact Resistant
  • Built In Rubber O-Ring
  • Easy Installation – (No Need To Remove Ignition Cover).
  • Hardened Plastic / Nylon Shell
  • Precise Fit To the Ignition Cover
  • Optimum Protection Against Rocks/Roots
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Slim Design Minimizes Boot Interference
  • Resistant To High Temperature
  • Available In Multiple Colors
  • Does Not Interfere With Oil Filter Covers

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