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Red Bull Override Texas Hard Enduro ” Jarvis Falls ” Section

The 2019 Red Bull Override took place at the Rocky Ridge Ranch near Decatur, Texas. Mark Koch, well known for creating the RevLimiter Extreme Enduro, promoted the event with Red Bull and marked out a grueling course that riders navigated into the night during the 6 hour extreme race. The conditions were wet with sloppy mud in the rocks, with temperatures dipping below 40 degrees when the sun went down.

This video includes footage from the other two Override sections, Jarvis Falls and Screw You, and then the finish podium. Top pros mixed in with the weekend warriors created some awesome action and lots of carnage. Red Bull KTM’s Manuel Lettenbichler ended up winning the event, and you can see him pass through this section twice. Other top riders, such as Trystan Hart, Benjamin Herrera, Didier Goirand, Max Gerston, Cory Graffunder, Quinn Wentzel, Nick Fahringer, Rich Larsen, and many others are seen going up this technical section. Cody Webb, still recovering from his injury, was also on site helping out riders and representing his new team Factory One Sherco.