Red Bull Romaniacs 2020 Day 1: Vertical Madness Video Highlights

The first off-road day in the toughest hard enduro race has completed. For the next four days, our competitors will face all the challenges the Carpathian mountains have to offer, steep downhills, rocky uphills and a variety of terrain changes that will push them to their limits.

Wade Young (ZAF/Sherco), who won in 2018, followed by an injury in 2019, set out in 12th position today and managed to come in with the best time giving him the strategic advantage for tomorrow. Young was 44 seconds ahead of Alfredo Gomez and Billy Bolt and 58 seconds ahead of the King of the Carpathians, Graham Jarvis. The defending champion, Manuel Lettenbichler, finished the race 1 minute and 3 seconds behind the leader and will start tomorrow in 5th position.

Wade Young: “I didn’t do anything stupid today, kept things smooth, it felt good. There were a few challenging uphills with a lot of roots. I’m expecting a few long days but I feel good”

Alfredo Gomez: “Good day, no crashes, few mistakes but good speed and good start. The grass is wet and slippery, especially going down”

Billy Bolt: “Quite nice, a fun track, a couple of difficult sections. Fog at the start and end but nice everywhere else, so far, so good”