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Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Pro – Moto Transport System

To tie down straps make you loose almost 30% space of your limited area in your car, trailer or moto-van. I don’t claim that they are useless, but what if there is another easy and a quick solution?

When I decided to “DIY” moto-van ( VANDURO ), Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Pro was at the top of my “must have” list. So we ask them; if they wanna be a part of VANDURO. And Risk Racing have sent us 2 peaces of Lock-N-Load Pro after we got in touch. Not only that, but they gave 25% of discount to all of our followers who mailed us and one give away for a lucky follower! (details below).


Risk Racing: The “Lock-N-Load” Moto Transport System securely holds your motocross bike in your trailer without the use of tie-down straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks. It takes an enormous amount of pressure off of the fork seals during transit, and it frees up valuable space allowing the transport of more motorcycles or gear. Additionally, the Lock-N-Load can quickly be removed from the trailer floor by unscrewing the 4 thumb screws leaving only the low profile mounting plates. Each plate has a “D” ring for additional anchor points on your trailer floor.

While loading and “cross” tying up 2 dirt bikes with straps you loose much space. Always need this space for anytime for more gear or bikes! Before installing Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Pro on our moto-van’s floor first we measured the space needed for 2 dirt bikes. And YES, you drill in the floor of your car!!! If you can’t re-design your moto-van as you need and want, why did you bought it in the first place?


  • You don’t loose much space as you loose with straps.
  • After loading the bike, tying it up takes max. 10 seconds only.
  • If you don’t use/need them you can store them somewhere else.
  • No excess pressure on forks.
  • With one kit only you can ty up different types of bikes.
  • If you customize your bike or upgrade it like wide pegs, you can easily slide and adjust Lock-N-Load on the plate.


  • Price Tag!
  • To load 2 Strokes is a little tricky, because the pipe hits the Lock-N-Load, so I prefer to load it backward, its easier.



Simply text RISK IT to to 00447733128500 or email RISK IT to for RISK RACING USA, and EUROPE / SCANDINAVIA

ENDURO CHANNEL will publish the winner, and Risk Racing Europe will offer a 25% Discount to everyone who enters the ENDURO CHANNEL competition.

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  • The competition starts 1st September 2019 , ending 15th September.
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