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Tested: SCOTT Goggle Prospect Enduro LS

from morning till night with one Light Sensitive lens!

Weather you race or ride with friends on weekend for fun, your “goggle” may kill your day or make it “gold!”

Here are 3 topics how your goggle may effect your ride in a bad way!

1- Pinching Nose

2- Foggy Lens

3- Incompatible Lens for The Light

Scott suggested us to review their new SCOTT PROSPECT ENDURO LS, and we did it with pleasure!


– Pinching Nose

To give a priority to one of these 3 issues is almost impossible, but to ride with a goggle causing a pressure to your nose is impossible as well! Sometimes your helmet pushes down on top of your goggles and then it pinches your nose and you have to breathe through your mouth. Don’t worry it’s not your fault! This happens to most of the riders and its because of the goggle’s frame!

BUT! PROSPECT doesn’t hurt us in this regard thanks to it’s frame 🏆.  We tried hard to push the helmet to our face but the lense didn’t touch our nose! And It didn’t touch during the ride either!


– Foggy Lens

Especially low speed riding, high body temperature and low air flow makes your Goggle foggy! It is almost impossible and insane to stop and wait till it evaporates! Cause “waiting” can not help you! If you are in a race, you’re in danger!

SCOTT says; their ACS (AIR CONTROL SYSTEM) solves this problem. So, it works pretty well on summer rides.

Winter reviews will obviously be reviewed in winter!!!


– Incompatible Lens for The Light

Yep, here is the magic! As many others, you probably facing with “low light” issues when you riding with mirror lenses in to the jungle or on cloudy days. And you need both mirror lens and clear lens within the same day!

SCOTT PROSPECT Enduro LS (Light Sensitive) joins the game just here! The unique and innovative idea is “Light Sensitive” and Light Sensitive lenses react to light changes and within seconds the lens will darken if the sunlight gets stronger or lighten if the sunlight gets weaker. Works greate and thats worth every penny!

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