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The new RR Racing My 2021 is finally here!

Like every season, the race-ready version of the RR 2T-4T presented in June arrives in October. As usual, the Racing version offers all those features to make the RR Enduro a real race ready bike, suitable for the most extreme situations that competition can present.

Beta engineers therefore focused on developing a high-level setting and using all those details, both aesthetic and functional, which allow for weight reduction and greater practicality during the various racing situations.

In fact, the new RR Racing My 2021 has all the specifications that have allowed Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman to excel in the world enduro scene over the past few years, winning repeated titles.

This year, the Racing family is also expanding with the introduction of the brand new 200 and comes to count 8 models: 125, 200, 250, 300 cc 2T and 350, 390, 430, 480 cc 4T.

The features that differentiate the RR Racing My 2021 range from the respective standard versions are:


Kayaba AOS closed cartridge fork ø 48 mm: the new KYB spring fork, characterized by a closed cartridge design, is well known in the enduro world having been a leader in the sector for years. The close collaboration between Beta and Kayaba has led to the creation of an ad hoc product, characterized by the new design of the feet and by the settings expressly dedicated to the RR models. The presence of anodized internal parts also minimizes sliding friction, while the usual compression and rebound adjustments allow you to always find the optimal setting. The Kayaba fork therefore guarantees excellent operation in all conditions of use, maximum reliability and great ease of setup.

ZF ø 46 mm shock absorber with new calibration: the further refined setting allows you to make the most of the characteristics of the new frame.

Black anodized triple clamps.


Responding to the requests of the riders, who are increasingly demanding in terms of lightness, the Beta R&D department has decided to give up the use of the automatic mixer this year too, to minimize the weight of the bike. The RR Racing 2T My 2021 therefore require the oil / petrol pre-mix, a feature that contributes to accentuating the racing character of this version.
The oil mix can still be installed later, as an after-market accessory (art., with low costs and times.

Special components

  • Quick-release front wheel pin: essential to save precious seconds in the race, as it speeds up tire repair operations.
  • Vertigo handguards: the solid structure, combined with the captivating design and “In Mold” graphics, make this accessory extremely essential in off-road riding.
  • Metzeler Six Days tires: an off-road guarantee. It is no coincidence that they are the most used in high-level Enduro competitions, as well as multiple world champions with Steve Holcombe.
  • Footpegs in black ergal: thanks to the large support surface and the steel pins, they guarantee optimal grip in every situation. The sturdy structure, but at the same time particularly light, also ensures a long life.
  • Crown with anodized aluminum core and steel teeth: represents the perfect mix of lightness and durability.
  • Red ergal chain tensioner.
  • Racing saddle with document pocket and new upholstery, more comfortable and with better grip.
  • Black anodized gear lever and rear brake pedal.
  • Gearbox oil cap, engine oil cap and oil filter cap in red anodized aluminum.
  • Racing graphics and red rim stickers.
  • New exhaust expansion (125 2T only): improves performance over the entire range of use, especially at high rpm, where it provides greater reach.

Availability: October 2020

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