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THINK “Lite” Seat

Being 1 gram lighter in a race where milliseconds matter is a great advantage. This is why Motocross & Enduro producers always brag about the lightness of their rides.

With the extraordinary products they produce THINK Technology ( ) caught our attention. THINK introduced us to THINK “Lite” Seat Foam and THINK “Clean” Fender Foam the product. When you feel the weight of the Lite Seat Foam you will be amazed. It only weights 87 grams and it stays this light even after washing or riding wet races! And a few of the best riders prefer it like Ken Roczen !!

Also good news for people who live in Europe. THINK Technology is now also in Europe! ( )

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  • THINK “Lite” Foam is a special closed cell foam
  • Firm density; that will improve the comfort and the feeling of the seat
  • Ultra light ( 87 grams for KTM 2017 / Stock one is 480 grams!!)
  • It stays 87 grams even after washing or riding wet races! Remember your last wet race! ( Stock foam probably can be x2 )


Who is suited for;

  • If you are a Pro you should definitely buy.
  • If you destroyed your stock seat foam, don’t buy new complete seat. Lite Foam will be a great and much more lighter solution for you!
  • If you are a Hobby Rider and have an issue with weight of your bike, It’s a great option to lose some weight!


Price: $299