Track Preview: SuperEnduro Spain 2020 – POL TARRES

Spain is a regular on the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship calendar and after past stops in Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga and Madrid, this year the series heads to A Coruña for the first time for round three of an intense 2020 season.

A Key Round for Prestige!

While the opening round in Krakow left us in awe of the total mastery shown by Billy BOLT (GB – Husqvarna), the second round in the SachsenArena in Riesa showed that he is capable of making mistakes – and enough mistakes for his rivals to take full advantag. Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) didn’t miss his change, and the Polish rider put in a near perfect night of racing! The GOAT in the sport therefore arrives in Spain 11 points ahead of the young Brit.
Without doubt, BLAZUSIAK will continue to attack in his incredible style, while BOLT will have to show that he can handle the pressure being piled on his shoulders. He must absolutely avoid mistakes like those made in Riesa, especially as there is a strong chasing pack behind him…
Jonny WALKER (GB – KTM) and Alfredo GOMEZ (E – Husqvarna) are hot on the heels of BOLT and BLAZUSIAK are will be ready to fight for their own wins!
Meanwhile, Pol TARRES (E – Husqvarna)Blake GUTZEIT (RSA – KTM) and Kevin GALLAS (D – Husqvarna) will continue their battle for the last place in the Top 5, which is currently occupied by the smiling South African. We also hope that they will be joined in this race by riders of the caliber of Diogo VIEIRA (P – Yamaha)William HOARE (GB – KTM) or David LEONOV (R – Husqvarna) who have skills and pace but have had slightly disappointing starts to this season. 
A special mention goes to the brave Xavi LEON SOLE (E – Husqvarna) who, despite his arm and ankle injury, should be present in front of his home fans! We could well witness the return of Joan Pau SEGURA (E – KTM) too. 

Alfredo GOMEZ (E – Husqvarna)


Among the Juniors, while the category seemed to be very open at the start of the season, it took an interesting turn in Germany two weeks ago with the relentless hat-trick of Ty CULLINS (USA – TM). The Americans now leads the provisional standings by 15 points ahead of Leon HENTSCHEL (D – Husqvarna), the SuperEnduro rookie seemed at ease with the extremely technical track in Germany.
The question is therefore; can HENTSCHEL, in second place in the championship, put enough pressure on CULLINS to overwhelm him? 
We also need to look out for the Bulgarian, Teodor KABAKCHIEV (KTM), who put in a great performance in Krakow at the beginning of December. As well as France’s Adrien JACON (KTM) and Isaac DEVOULX (Husqvarna), who showed up well in the SachsenArena…
Other riders such as Dominik OLSZOWY (PL – KTM)Milan SCHMUESER (D – Sherco)Alessandro AZZALINI (I – Husqvarna)Tom KNIGHT (GB – Sherco)Thomas WIDD (GB – Sherco) and Sebastien ENÖCKL (AUT – KTM) could also make the headlines if they ‘click’ with the Spanish track.
For his part Raul GUIMERA (E – Sherco) will want to confirm, in front of his home crowd, the solid performance he put in at the Polish GP.

After two thrilling and unpredictable rounds, the stakes are high for the Spanish GP. Will BOLT get it together and close down BLAZUSIAK? Or will the Polish legend widen the gap? Can CULLINS prove he is the best young SuperEnduro rider on the block? Or will we see HENTSCHEL rise to the top step? The answers to all the questions will be known next Saturday, January 18, at the Coliseo a Coruna
The assembled fans will also be treated to two bonus races with a National category added. 

Practical Info:

–    A Coruña (Galicia);
–    Saturday 18 January from 16:00 CET (Doors Open);
–    Organisation: Moto Club Movete Na Moto;
–    Websites: &;
–    Schedule: 3 Races for Prestige, 3 Races for Juniors;
–    Ticket Prices: From 20€;
–    Airport: A Coruña / Bilbao

Leon HENTSCHEL (D – Husqvarna)