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3 Ways to Wheelie a Dirt Bike / Free Instructional Episode – Chris Birch

Three proven techniques to get your front wheel off the ground in a controlled manner, a crucial riding technique, not just for showing off. There’s 17 more episodes just like this to get you riding at your best. / Available HERE :

In Episode 18 you’ll cover three different ways to wheelie.

1. Seated wheelie: practicing control, safe, and great for beginners learning to wheelie.

2. Clutch pop wheelie: great for learning to get the front wheel up, maximum control. Excellent for riding in the bush, hard enduro techniques, and obstacles.

3. The really fun one: standing up low speed wheelie – big, high, low speed, great for balance, holding the front wheel up a long time (great fun for showing off to be honest!) It’s also a really good clutch control, general practice exercise and can really benefit your hill climbing. Give it a go!