Let’s Meet on Spotify w/ Marcel Teucher’s Garage Playlist

The playlists that are guaranteed to bring some fresh flavour in your ear.

Well, if you want to make the greatest of the streaming service and increase your musical horizons, then a curated playlist is never a bad shout. Whether you’re mad for jazz or hot for hip-hop, listening while work, or while you rave, there’s a playlist for every mood and taste, you’ve just got to dig deep and find it.

It is one of the most special places where there are dust and soil, where we get our hands dirty and our fun distractions. Whether you’re repairing your bike, fixing something, or spending time with your hobbies. It’s doesn’t matter. This is where your most private area is! But what you were listening to at the time is your garage playlist!

We asked the successful and beloved German hard enduro rider Marcel Teucher ( ) what he was listening to.

Let’s take a closer look at his garage list.

Marcel Teucher’s Garage Playlist

Listen on Spotify: Marcel Teucher: All in all I hear nearly everything… It depends on my mood…

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