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New Enduro Tire: CAPRA EXT – ANLAS

Having more than 40 years of tire manufacturing experience, ANLAS now started to produce Enduro tires with off-road genes!

WHO IS: ANLAS is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of tires in rich variety, designed to meet the highest performance requirements and produced with optimized quality, for the markets of Europe and Turkey.

ANLAS is specialized in production of tires for Motorcycles and Scooters.


A few days ago we were invited to a Press launch in Italy/Godiasco for CAPRA EXT; a member of the Capra series, which was produced just for the off road competition. I must admit weather and terrain conditions were seriously hard and had some risks for a new tire trial, so my first impression was that how much ANLAS trusted in Capra EXT!


ANLAS CAPRA EXT – / Rider: Sezer Savaşlı

“Enduro tyres are developed by Anlas to provide top performance in extreme activities with diagonal construction, puncture-resistant carcass structure with superior structural features. Capra Extreme provides all-round riding performance thanks to improved polymer structure and tread block geometry, in all weather and road conditions. Even in challenging routes such as wet gravel, mud, snowy pathways, the Capra Extreme takes you to places you have not been able to reach before.”


We had the great chance to experience new Capra EXT with legendary Italian off-road riders and listen to their impressions about it. Front tire “90/90-21 M/C 54R TT M+S” was open to test. Test track’s character was closer to motocross and enduro track! 90/90 front tire responded great in corners, although 90/100 will be much better in extreme tracks! Without giving an exact date Anlas announces that “90/100-21 M/C 57R TT M+S” is on its way!


ANLAS CAPRA EXT – / Rider: Sezer Savaşlı


For rear tires there are to alternatives for now, “140/80-18 M/C 70R TT M+S” and “140/80-18 M/C 70R TT M+S (SOFT)”.  But soon “120/90-18 M/C TT M+S” will be another option!

Generally, a tyre compound is a combination of;

  • Rubber composition (Natural / Synthetic)
  • Filler system ( Carbon and/or Silica )
  • Processing Aid ( Oil )
  • Chemical additives

    Traditionally oil is used for determining hardness of compound. If you increase the amount of oil in compound, it decreases the hardness and the grip will be improved. But the mileage will be worse.

Combination of all ingridients in compound must be well calculated to get the best performance in magic triangle.

    Anlas Capra Extreme Tyres include LRT (Liquid Rubber Tech) in tread compounds to get best LRT performance for both abrasion and grip properties. We can also improve all the mechanical properties by mixing with the right formula.