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TESTED: Airflaps


[title maintitle=”What is AirFlaps?” subtitle=”Maintain the goggles lifted from the face to create a new airflow.”]

AirFlaps is a patended, light and simple device that fits most of the helmets on the market. It enables the rider to maintain the goggles lifted from his face.
The airflows created behind the screen and under the helmet offer real advantages in terms of security and comfort.

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  • Prevents fog formation on the screen when the rider is either struggling or stopped ;
  • Speeds up fog evacuation when the pilot rides again
  • Drastically reduces the temperature under the helmet in hot weather
  • Reliefs the riders face from the goggle pressure while maintaining the eyes protected
  • Enables to dry up the sweat in the goggles’ foam while riding.

AirFlaps also enables the rider to keep his goggles on the helmet when putting it on or taking it off. No more goggles hanging on the wrist or on handlebars !


How does it works?

AirFlaps can be handled while riding as the flaps can be operated either simultaneously, either one after the other.
When flaps are backwards, goggles fit perfectly on the face of the rider as on a non equiped helmet.

Damage: 49,90€



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  • Affordable Price
  • Easy Installation
  • Transfer to Another Helmet
  • Easy to use while riding



  • Narrow Viewing Angle ( forward position )