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Should I Buy A Dirt Bike? Some Things You’re Missing Out On

On the fence about dirt biking? What makes a dirt bike so desirable? Should I buy a used or new bike?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this article. You’ll also find out why so many new riders find a new attraction and sometimes addiction to the hobby of dirt biking. 

There’s a number of reasons why some people don’t even consider buying a dirt bike. The danger of riding and cost of operating a dirt bike at the most important factors. 

With that said, I believe there are many benefits to riding a dirt bike, and they greatly outweigh the negatives. 

Photographer: Alkım Saraç

A new Challenge

Life can turn into a routine. That’s not always bad, but it gets old and boring at times. Starting a new challenge brings back excitement to life, and learning to ride a dirt bike is definitely a challenge worth taking. There’s not much like it, simply for the fact that you’re on two wheels. The technique of balance alone is an everlasting challenge, but the “fun-factor” grows at a similar rate. 

Builds Physical Strength

Want to have fun while getting in shape? Dirt bike riding uses so many different muscles. It’s very demanding of your core strength, as well as your arms and legs.

Increases Mental Toughness

Whether you’re trying to conquer a new obstacle or troubleshooting a bike problem, dirt biking requires you to mentally overcome problems. Mental toughness and attitude are grown by repeated attempts until your failures turn into accomplishments.

Relieves Stress

Does your job, the world, relationships, or just life get stressful at times? It’s hard to think or do anything when it feels like everything is coming down on you in life. These are the times when it might be best to hop on my bike and just ride. As mentioned, riding requires your physical and mental strength.

This means you’ll be solely focused on riding and enjoying each and every moment, all while forgetting about your other worries in life. When you get enough exercise from riding, you’ll come back refreshed and much more willing to “do life” again. 

To See New Places

There are some places and views that can only be seen on a trail. There’s so many state trails across America that will take you on some amazing journeys with some epic landscapes along the way. 

Build Friendships

You can meet friends in any sport or hobby, but the dirt biking family stands out. The relation between man (or women) and machine is one of the easiest ways to start a conversation with a fellow rider. Many lifelong friendships have been started at local tracks and trails.

Photographer: Alkım Saraç

Something Fun For The Whole Family

Even if you don’t have many friends that ride, getting your family to ride together can do amazing things for bringing everyone together.

Dirt Bikes Are Multipurpose

Riding trails, racing off-road, doing chores on the farm, teaching friends how to ride.. There’s so many benefits and things you can do with a dirt bike.

Builds/Increases Street Bike Skill

Whether you’ve been riding on the street for decades or don’t even have your license yet, riding off-road will greatly increase your skill and make you a safer rider. Getting loose in the dirt will translate the muscle memory to accidentally getting loose on the pavement.

Photographer: Alkım Saraç

Should I Buy A New Or Used Dirt Bike?

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the price difference between a new and a used dirt bike. The instant you roll a new bike off the showroom floor, the value goes down.

You can save thousands of dollars by buying a 1-2 year old used model.

But the question is, is it worth buying a used dirt bike?

There’s a number of factors to consider when buying used. The most important factors are the price you pay for it and the estimated cost of parts and/or labor you’ll need to put into the bike to get it running properly. 

Some used dirt bikes don’t need much work, if any, because they have been properly maintained. However, most bikes have been neglected in one way or many.

Photographer: Alkım Saraç


Should I Buy A New Dirt Bike?

Unless you can spare no expense and pay with cash, I recommend buying a used dirt bike if you’re a beginner or it’s your first bike. 

You’re going to fall, you’re going to learn, and you’ll probably want a different bike after you gain experience and skills as a dirt bike rider. 

Why Do Dirt Bikes Cost So Much?

Dirt bikes cost so much due to natural inflation, as well as the cost of new technology and R&D. 

The cost of new dirt bikes can be as high as $7,500 or more, but a used bike can be as cheap as $1,500 or less. 

Photographer: Alkım Saraç

What Is The Best Dirt Bike For Beginners?

Are you new to dirt biking? Don’t buy a bike that’s too big and powerful. That’s the quickest way to get thrown off the bike and never want to try dirt biking again. Our idea is to suggest low power in this; Choose 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc options for 2-stroke and 250cc options for 4-stroke.

Are Dirt Bikes High Maintenance?

High performance dirt bikes require more maintenance. Simple trail bikes generally require the least amount of maintenance. 

On the other hand, you can get hundreds of hours from a trail bike engine with just oil changes every 10 hours and keeping the air filter clean. 

What Do I Need To Know About Buying A Dirt Bike?

You need to know that a dirt bike is a machine that requires routine maintenance to keep it running strong.

The knowledge and experience you can gain from riding and working on dirt bikes is endless. The more you fiddle with and test things, the more you’ll learn and understand how it works.